aopre was founded in 2007, focusing on the field of optical fiber communication for 15 years. Headquartered in Guangming District, Shenzhen , it is a high-tech enterprise with international scientific research level , which is registered under the joint consultation of several technical backbones in the communication field in Hong Kong and returned overseas students.

Provide reliable optical fiber transmission solutions and industrial communication solutions to customers around the world, and strive to make the interconnection of everything simpler , faster , more stable and more secure.

Provide high-quality optical fiber communication guarantee for security monitoring, intelligent IOT , industrial interconnection and industrial control.

"aopre" and "AOPRE-LINK" are the brands of opal Internet. Through independent research , development and innovation , they have successively launched optical fiber communication products , such as video optical transceiver , telephone optical transceiver , serial port optical fiber converter , commercial Ethernet switch , industrial optical fiber switch , industrial network management Gigabit Ethernet convergence switch , industrial network management Gigabit Ethernet core switch , etc.

The products have reliable optical fiber transmission characteristics and are widely used in safe cities, e-police, expressways, digital urban management, smart communities, smart power grids, rail transit, forest fire prevention, coal mine safety, smart land, smart health care, smart education, industrial automation, industrial control, industrial IOT and other industries.

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