R & D and production

Keep in mind that quality is the cornerstone of aopre survival and the reason why customers choose aopre;

We accurately deliver customer requirements and expectations to the entire value chain of opal Internet to jointly build quality;

We respect the rules and procedures, and do things right at one time; We give full play to the potential of all employees and continue to improve;

We work with customers to balance opportunities and risks, quickly respond to customer needs, and achieve sustainable development;

Opal Internet promises to provide customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, and continuously let customers experience that we are committed to creating value for each customer.

Technology is the primary productive force. In order to establish a professional talent team, the company has attracted a number of professional scientific researchers from Hong Kong's communication field and overseas institutions of higher learning, and set up a research and development department, a quality department, and a multi-functional laboratory. 

The scientific researchers of the company keep pace with the times, make product positioning according to market changes and industry development, constantly adjust the direction of disciplines, and firmly grasp the pulse of the development of the times.

 In the spirit of being responsible for each product, combined with practice, we should apply advanced management tools and methods to continuously improve the comprehensive manufacturing capacity of opal Internet through a series of progressive management improvement activities, such as basic management, all staff proposal, lean production, industrial engineering, informatization and so on.

In order to improve the stability of product quality and performance, aopre has introduced various advanced production and testing equipment to ensure the performance and quality of products. 

In the procurement of raw materials, chips and components are mainly selected from well-known brand manufacturers to ensure long-life and high reliability of products. 

In terms of product production and testing, the product is produced in strict accordance with the national "CCC" quality standard, and the quality, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, simulated vibration and other aspects of the product are strictly monitored through multiple testing checkpoints. 

The product is aged for more than three hours at 100% full load. It is through such strict control that the quality problems are solved on the production line, which also makes the product offline yield reach 99.8%, Under normal circumstances, the user failure rate is less than five thousandths. 

In order to ensure timely delivery, the company has maintained 90% of the standard stock.

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