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Thank you for purchasing aopre products. As a user of aopre products, you will receive the following service commitments:

1.Product warranty commitment:

Warranty terms (applicable to products manufactured after January 1, 2010)
Product type: video optical transceiver, telephone optical transceiver, optical fiber transceiver, Poe switch
Commitment policy: 15 day warranty and one-year warranty
Service mode: customer sent for repair

1. "15 day warranty and one-year warranty" means that the 15th day after the product is sold is the warranty period, and the first year is the maintenance period.
2. If the product is discontinued, the product with equivalent performance will be replaced.
3. The products guaranteed for replacement and warranty are good products.
4. For products guaranteed and replaced by opal Internet, the warranty period shall still be subject to the warranty period of the original product. Products under warranty have a three-month warranty period.

2、 Warranty content of aopre products

The scope of replacement and warranty is limited to the product host. Accessories such as power cord, various connecting wires, software products and instructions are not covered by the warranty. If there are problems with accessories within one week after purchase, they can be guaranteed and replaced free of charge.

If the equipment performance problem occurs within 15 days after the product is purchased and the appearance is not scratched, the product can be replaced directly at the place of purchase. If there are problems in the installation or use of the product, you can contact opal Internet after-sales service center first, and the engineer will guide and solve them by telephone. Through communication, it is confirmed that it is a product performance problem, and the customer can go to the purchase place to replace the same model or a good product equivalent to the performance of the product. If the customer is unable to contact the dealer, he can contact opal Internet after-sales service center to obtain warranty and replacement services. However, if opal Internet detects and confirms that the product has no fault, it will not be guaranteed for replacement and warranty.

If the repaired power supply has obvious hard object damage, crack, broken foot and serious deformation, and the power line has damage, broken wire and bare core, it will not be guaranteed to be replaced, and the user can purchase it separately.

If the product meets the warranty provisions, our company will repair it free of charge.

Aopre products are jointly guaranteed nationwide. No matter where you buy and use this product in the people's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), if there is a hardware failure within the warranty scope, you can contact opal Internet after-sales service center to obtain warranty services. If the purchase invoice cannot be provided, it shall be postponed for two months according to the ex factory date of the product as the starting date of warranty.

3. Under any of the following circumstances, it does not belong to the scope of warranty

Product failure or damage caused by failure to install, use, maintain and store according to the requirements of the operation manual;
The warranty period has been exceeded;
The sealing mark is damaged / altered without permission or there is no sealing mark;
Dismantle and repair the machine without the permission of opal Internet;
Product damage caused by unexpected factors or human behavior, such as improper voltage input, high temperature, water inflow, mechanical damage, falling, serious oxidation or rust of the product, etc;
Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading during the customer's return repair;
Product failure or damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning, etc;
Other faults or damages not caused by the design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems of the product itself.

4. For products that are not covered by the warranty, our company can provide paid maintenance services.

After paid maintenance, the same performance problem will enjoy a free warranty period of three months from the date of repair.

5、 Maintenance mode

When the product you buy breaks down, you can apply for warranty service on behalf of the buyer with valid vouchers such as purchase invoice and warranty card. Since aopre products are subject to national joint insurance, you can also directly contact the customer service department of our company when you can't contact the dealer.
Dealers who distribute aopre products apply to opal Internet for warranty service on behalf of customers. In the case that the new products can be replaced directly in accordance with the replacement guarantee regulations, the dealer can replace the new products directly to the customer. In other cases, the dealer can replace the new products to the customer after the repair spare parts are replaced by opal Internet.
The freight of the repaired products sent by the customer or dealer to opal Internet shall be borne by the customer or dealer, and the freight of the products guaranteed and replaced by opal Internet to the customer or dealer shall be borne by opal Internet.

important clause

The above service commitment is only applicable to aopre products sold by our company. If the after-sales service terms are otherwise agreed upon when the products are sold, the contract confirmed by aopre shall prevail.
Our company does not assume any responsibility for other commitments made by the dealer to the customer that are not aopre guaranteed. Please ask the dealer for a written certificate at the time of purchase so that the dealer can honor your additional commitments.
If you have any technical problems related to the product in use and need to consult, you are welcome to call aopre after-sales service nearby: 400-000-8380, and our engineers will provide you with professional answers; Technical support email is info@aopre.com ; You can also visit aopre's official website: http://www.aopre.com/ Obtain product operation problem solving information.

Note: within the scope of national laws and regulations, the right of interpretation and modification of this commitment belongs to aopre.

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