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What is the difference between industrial switches and general switches

07 28,2022
The main difference between industrial switch and general switch is reflected in function and performance.
The functional difference mainly refers to that the industrial Ethernet switch is closer to the industrial network communication in function, such as interconnection with various field buses, redundancy of equipment and real-time of equipment.
The difference in performance is mainly reflected in the different parameters of adapting to the external environment. In addition to many particularly harsh environments such as coal mines and ships, the industrial environment also has special requirements in terms of EMI (electromagnetic compatibility), temperature, humidity and dust prevention. Among them, the influence of temperature environment on industrial network equipment is the most extensive.
Advantages of industrial switch:
1. Appearance difference
Generally speaking, industrial switches use fan less shell fan mode, and basically use metal shell with high strength. Generally speaking, ordinary switches use plastic shell with high strength, and use fan cooling mode.
2. The ability to use the environment is not exactly the same
The working temperature of industrial switches can reach 40 ℃ to 85 ℃, and the dust-proof and moisture-proof ability is outstanding. The protection level is above IP40. The scope of use is relatively common, and it can be installed and used under any dangerous conditions. Generally speaking, the working temperature of the general switch is 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, which basically has no dust and moisture prevention ability, the protection level is relatively poor, and it has Poe power management function.
3. Different service life
Generally speaking, the service life of industrial switches is more than 10 years, while the service life of ordinary commercial switches is only 3 to 5 years. The difference in service life is related to the maintenance in the middle of the project. Therefore, generally speaking, in the video transmission in the network monitoring environment such as parks, office buildings, parking lots and those environments that must have high-definition video output, Industrial switches should be selected or switches with performance comparable to that of industrial grade.


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